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Youth Ministry


Youth Night Info!

NO HSYN OCT 7th because of the long weekend! Happy Columbus Day!

High School youth nights Sundays 7-8:30pm!!  Mass from 6-7pm   (next HSYN 10/14)

Middle School youth nights Wednesday 7:30-8:30pm! Mass from 7-7:30pm   (next MSYN 10/10)

SAVE  THE  DATE!  Combined HSYN/MSYN EventFRIDAY OCTOBER 26th at 7pmMovie, Firepit, and Flannel Friday!  Join us at St. Matthew’s for an outdoor movie screening of Coco by the fire with S’mores!  BRING A FRIEND!  Please email me to RSVP!


Parish Hike to Mount Major Saturday October 20th!  Grab your family or a friend and meet us for a day outdoors! Email me to sign up!

Thursday, October 25th Suicide Prevention/ Awareness Event at 7pm *Please take the time to attend this event.  Adults and teens 15+  This presentation will cover prevention and what we can do to help those who struggle with suicidal thoughts. LearN common risk factors, warning signs, and how to keep each other safe.

KIM'S RECOMMENDATIONS: During the month of September I participated in a Gospel challenge! I read all four Gospels in four weeks and I learned a LOT! Each Gospel writer has different talents and personalities, so their accounts all differ! Look below:

Mark: Shortest gospel and that’s because he gives the facts! He prefers actions > words.

Matthew: He was a tax collector (one of those on the margins) before he became one of the 12, so he knows what it was like to be saved by Jesus. He also loves numbers and analyzing plus he includes a lot of description! Also references the OT to prove Jesus is the real deal

Luke: Was a doctor so he focuses a lot on Jesus’ healings and miracles. He emphasizes the humanity of Jesus too by including feelings in the text. And he promotes girl power.

John: Dude was a poet! Even from the beginning his gospel sounds like a love letter to the world. Swoon.

This next week challenge yourself to get through one of the Gospels of your choosing! Or listen to the Bible through an audio app. I have been using Dwell, or try Streetlights - it is a Bible app made specifically for high school teens.


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