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  • Home School - Grades K - 12 Faith Formation

     For those families unable to commit to a weekly class due to scheduling conflicts, we do offer a Home School program for grades K-12.
  • Our Home School option uses the same curriculum as the classroom model, and the program works as follows:
    Home School meets once every 4-5 weeks, and is designed for parent and child; workbooks are given along with a list of assigned chapters
    Students work in their books at their own pace at home, then turn in completed lessons at the next session
    There is a theme to each Home School session, so there are activities and a brief teaching on the theme at each session

    For more information or questions, contact Sue Toupin in the Religious Ed Office 898-4818 x13

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Formation with your phone!

Prayer Apps

“Laudate” is the classic, all-encompassing Catholic app. It offers daily readings, the Liturgy of the Hours, a Confession app, prayers, and links to the Catechism and other Church documents. It is a useful tool for any Catholic wanting just about anything related to your Faith at your fingertips.

“Pray As You Go” anyone who struggles to find dedicated, quiet time in their life. The 15 minute (or less) segments are a perfect way to start my mornings as I drive to work. “Pray As You Go” also offers audio prayers, Imaginative Contemplation Exercises, an audio Rosary & Stations of the Cross, and an audio Examen.

“Reimagining the Examen” is an interactive App that leads you through a series of Examens, encouraging you to sit in prayer with God each day. You can select an examen (relationships, habits, fears, etc.) and select your own background music. This would be the perfect app for someone needing guidance during evening prayer or reflection during Adoration.

“Magnificat” is the app from the same company that brings us the monthly Magnificat Missals. It gives you access to the daily readings along with various articles, Hymns for the Month, Lectio Divina, and resources for blessings and prayers. One of the great things about this app is that you can set alerts to remind you of morning, evening, and nighttime prayer. This is not a free app, but the low cost gives you access to a wide variety of materials. There is a free trial month when you first download the app!

"Confession" is a Catholic app that is helpful to aid anyone through confession using the 10 Commandments, and gives instructions on how to go to Reconciliation if you need a refresher! Each profile can be password protected, so you can share your device without worrying that your list will be seen by others. $1.99


Audio Bible Apps

"Dwell" is an audio Bible app that has pre-made playlists with subjects like “hope” and “discipleship” as well as a planning tool to help you schedule in times to complete different chapters. The app is free with one voice option, but for an upgrade you can access different voices. Most if not all of the Bible is available on the app

"Streetlights" is an audio Bible app of the New Testament books and the voices and recordings are more of a hip hop reading of the Bible. They also have videos that match with different scripture readings.  


Online Formation

“Formed.org” is like Catholic Netflix. It offers studies, videos, audio recordings, ebooks, and a range of materials for kids. YDisciple is specifically for teens, while there are other sections for families and adults too. on Formed which has Bible studies, videos, and other resources to grow in faith!

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