Parish Faith Formation 2021-2022





1. Question: "Parish Faith Formation" is for what age groups? 

Answer: The Parish Faith Formation Program is for ALL age groups.


Family of Faith Program. This program replaces traditional CCD.

Kindergarten through Grade 8


Youth Ministry

Middle & High School

*Learn How to Get Involved


Young Adult Ministry 

College/Young Adults

*Call the Parish office at 603-893-3336 for inquires 


Classes, Workshops, ministries

Adults of All Ages

*Call the Parish office at 603-893-3336 for inquires 


2. Question: How Do I Register for Parish Faith Formation Programs?

Answer: Download the registration form online and turn in your registration form via mail or at the parish office. For further questions, call the Parish office at 603-893-3336.


3. Question: I'm registering for the "Family of Faith Program"  ... how do I order my Family of Faith books? 

Answer: You can order the Family of Faith Volume I books online. Visit: to order. 

Order the Family of Faith Volume I (purple) books online at Sophia Institute (link above). When you check out, enter the discount code: Matthew35. You will receive a 35% discount on the listed price! Expect shipping to take one week. Order (1) Parent Guide and (1) Children’s Activity Book—make sure it’s Volume I. 


4. Question: What does Parish Faith Formation mean to you during these COVID-19 times? 

Answer: Watch St.Matthew's parishioners answer the question below on Youtube!





"Family of Faith" Program

- Kindergarten through Grade 8 - 



How much time will it take to teach the lessons?

This program is ideal for the busy family and you can teach according to your own busy schedule! Lesson time will vary but will take generally about 20 minutes. Reinforcement of the lesson takes place organically during daily family life—in the car, at the dinner table, at bedtime.

My child and I did not do well with remote learning! How are we going to survive Faith Formation lessons, too?

Formation lessons are different than most school subjects. Faith Formation is meant to be applied to daily life and asks the “big questions” about which children are naturally curious, i.e. What happens when I die? Also, each month there will be live ZOOM lessons taught by a professional teacher/mom that you can access to give you ideas of how to teach the material or to watch with your children. You can also network with other parents at the parent sessions and form your own Faith Formation pod.

How much preparation will I need and what if I don’t know anything about the topic?

The Parent Guide offers you the background you need to teach each lesson. The Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Bible are also frequently referenced and can help you. If you are stumped, you can always call the office and we are happy to help you. Your investment of time and effort in preparing to teach benefits you and your children—let them see you study, prepare, and pray! By doing so, you show them that Faith Formation is important to you.

I am afraid my child is going to ask a question that I cannot answer.

That’s ok—no parent has all the answers, and no one knows everything there is to know about the Catholic faith! You can explain to your child that you are learning, too! The beauty of a family-based program is that everyone in the family is learning together, and that includes parents, too.

How can I teach my 3 children when they are all different ages?

You know your children best and the family dynamics—see what works best for you. You can use the variety of activities offered to differentiate between the older and younger children or challenge your older children to help you teach the lesson or work with the younger ones. Encourage one another.

Do we have to go to Mass?

Faith Formation is not a substitute for Mass, where we actually receive the Body of Jesus Christ. If you are unable to go to Mass because of the pandemic, please “go” to an online Mass together as a family.

Is the Family of Faith Program required to get Confirmation and First Communion?

The Family of Faith Program provides the foundation upon which Sacramental preparation is based. Sacramental preparation will be offered concurrently with the Family of Faith Program.

Do you think we might lose some families by going to a home-based program?

Possibly. But we also might ignite a whole group of families who are going to experience their faith together in a more profound and real way than ever before!


Additional Questions? 

Call the office and talk to Justine or Sandy at 893-3336