Parish Staff

You can contact the Parish Office at 603-893-3336

Fr Brian Kennedy, Pastor

Fr. Brian Kennedy, Pastor - Ext 11                                                                                                                                                 

Deacon Leland Fastnacht - Ext. 16

Justine Dufour, Office Manager - Ext 10  [email protected]


Sue Toupin, Faith Formation Secretary - Ext 13  [email protected]

Jim Williams, Bookkeeper

Mary Jude Donabedian,  Funeral Ministry - Ext 22  [email protected]

Sandy Gibbons, Baptism and Adult Faith Formation Coordinator - Ext 12  [email protected]

Sr. Elaine Mackey, RSM Sister of Mercy/Office Support

Larry Thibodeau, Liturgy Leader/organist

Peter Mahoney, Adult Choir Director