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Art of St Matthews Stained Glass Windows

“Beauty is in eye of the beholder” is a phrase that can be applied to the windows of St. Matthews.  When first unveiled in November 1999 at the dedication and consecration, the reviews were mixed.  While the colors were “eye-catching”, why were the shapes a bit “off”?  These windows were not in the classical style, but were they really abstract?

Jeff Smith, the artist, graciously provided background on his creative process.  He shared over a few conversations the nuance and subtleties of how the windows came together.  The artist shared that using stained glass tells stories.  Glass allows the design to be elusive so to allow the viewer to find their own meaning and to be part of the creative process.  He provided the example of using clear and white opalescent glass together.  It draws the eye, as it reflects and transmits light and gives the impression of being “animated”.  He uses this effect to symbolize the presence and real action of God.

It is our hope that sharing the symbolism and creative tools that were incorporated to produce these windows, will enrich your understanding and deepen your prayer life.

Part 13 - The Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son window is located in the Reconciliation Chapel, which is the ideal location.  The lower part of the window shows the Prodigal Son walking away with his bags from his father. The blue/green, red, blue/green border of the window is utilized as the road that the Prodigal Son is taking. The larger part of the window shows the father hugging both of his sons.  The top third of the window, primarily depicted in the white and clear stained glass reveals the transcendental nature of our Heavenly Father that has provided the grace of forgiveness. 


Priests Retirement Trust FundDear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On the weekend of September 26-27, the Diocese of Manchester takes up its annual collection in support of the Priests Retirement Trust Fund. The Diocese of Manchester currently has 30 retired priests, many of whom continue to serve us by assisting in parishes and institutions, as their age and health allows.

The parish priest is someone who has always been there for us, tending to his parish family in the same way a shepherd tends his sheep. Our priests are the ones who witness our marriages, baptize our children, and come to the bedsides of the sick and dying; they have touched our lives and guided us, as shepherds, at every stage from birth to death. They are the ones who have brought us God’s forgiveness for our sins, offered the holy sacrifice of the Mass on our behalf every Sunday, and challenged us to live the Gospel, guiding us in our lifelong faith journeys. The parish priest is a part of our families, and for years, our priests have been there to help bring us closer to the Lord.

This is especially true during these difficult and historic times that our Church and our parish communities have faced, and continue to face, not only in the ongoing crisis of the pandemic, but in the midst of our other national struggles. Earlier this year, when our churches were closed and our pews empty, our priests found ways to sacrifice and to give so that their people would be nourished. With our doors open once again, we are so blessed that our priests, even those settled into retirement, continue to nourish their communities.

As our retired priests continue to help you, this weekend we ask you to help them. In this way, we are called to remember, “God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them” (Hebrews 6:10). When a priest retires, he continues to make a significant impact on the spiritual and personal lives of Catholics in his community. The Fund is our opportunity to help our retired priests by making a positive contribution to their lives.

During their years of ministry, priests are mainly supported by the parish community. Their salaries are modest, and many priests live independently during retirement. Your donation, along with those from parishioners throughout New Hampshire, will help us to assist in maintaining the dignity of our older priests’ retirement and to honor their lives of sacrifice. After a lifetime of service, no priest should face retirement with financial uncertainty.

The diocese is committed to caring for our retired priests, but we need your help to do so. I thank you for your past generosity in support of the Priests Retirement Trust Fund, and I ask you to prayerfully consider a gift to this special collection again this year. Please pray for them, and for an increase in vocations to the priesthood. I ask God to bless you for your faithfulness and I thank you for all you do for our Church and our priests.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
+ Most Reverend Peter A. Libasci
Bishop of Manchester

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To view Fr Brian's previous video's, go to YouTube and search Bri Ken

Mass with Fr Brian on the 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

40 Days for Life Vigil Begins Tomorrow

The women going into Planned Parenthood to seek an abortion are often women who feel they have no other options such as immigrants who are far away from friends and family and substance abusers who have lost their support system. 

When you are out on the vigil you can pray for the PP clients, share a smile and wave, and if you speak with a pregnant mom or someone accompanying her, let them know that Pennacook Pregnancy Center, right down the street, is available to help her through her pregnancy. 

Our vigil opens tomorrow, Wednesday, September 23 at 7 am. Our opening event is Wednesday evening at 6 pm on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood, 24 Pennacook St, Manchester. We'll have prayers and hymns and our speaker will be Cathy K, who founded and runs Pennacook Pregnancy Center.

To learn more and sign up for the vigil, visit 40daysforlife.com/manchester.

Beth Scaer
Coordinator, 40 Days for Life Manchester
[email protected]

P.S. - We are having two more events: the Midpoint Candlelight Vigil at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, October 14, and our Closing Rally at 4 pm on Sunday, All Saints Day, November 1.