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Art of St Matthews Stained Glass Windows

“Beauty is in eye of the beholder” is a phrase that can be applied to the windows of St. Matthews.  When first unveiled in November 1999 at the dedication and consecration, the reviews were mixed.  While the colors were “eye-catching”, why were the shapes a bit “off”?  These windows were not in the classical style, but were they really abstract?

Jeff Smith, the artist, graciously provided background on his creative process.  He shared over a few conversations the nuance and subtleties of how the windows came together.  The artist shared that using stained glass tells stories.  Glass allows the design to be elusive so to allow the viewer to find their own meaning and to be part of the creative process.  He provided the example of using clear and white opalescent glass together.  It draws the eye, as it reflects and transmits light and gives the impression of being “animated”.  He uses this effect to symbolize the presence and real action of God.

It is our hope that sharing the symbolism and creative tools that were incorporated to produce these windows, will enrich your understanding and deepen your prayer life.

Part 1 - God-Three in One

This window called “God, Three in One” is located over the “front doors” as you enter church.  It represents the United Trinity—in essence “God, Three in One”.  When facing toward the direction of the sanctuary, the foliage like imagery in the lower section of the left window recalls God the Father’s creation of the Garden of Eden.  White “tongues of fire” in the right window are reminders of the God the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. The central window, which is the dominated by the Good Shepherd, or “God the Son” spans all (3) windows which radiates down to his flock below.

The God, Three in One window, like the (3) circular windows (located in the main church) are positioned in the “upper part” of the church.  The positioning was done deliberately to signify the spatial distance between God and Man.

Colors chosen for all the upper windows are of an achromatic nature which evoke a transcendent, spiritual quality, whereas the lower windows are of polychromatic nature which symbolize earth.  The design of this and the (3) circular windows are of a more abstract nature than the lower windows signifying the difference between Heaven and Earth.  His combination of denser and filmy glass makes the window “come to life”.


Journals of the Windows of Saint Matthew's are available in the back of the Church on the bookshelves.

Mass with Fr Brian

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St. Matthew Parish is seeking a part time (up to 25 hours per week) Family Faith Formation Coordinator.  Working collaboratively with parish ministries, groups, and enthusiastic volunteers, the Coordinator plays a pivotal role in the integration of families with young children (up to grade 5) into all aspects of parish life.  The Coordinator works to inspire parents, children, and others through offering a curriculum that focuses on living the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a Catholic in the world today.  St. Matthew is a warm and welcoming community of faith, committed to sharing the love of Jesus with others – join us in the joy of the Lord!  This position has flexible hours and a family-friendly work environment.  Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to [email protected] no later than July 24, 2020.


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Dear Parish Family,

               This weekend we stop and give thanks for the freedom we enjoy in our country.  Many people consider freedom to be the ability of an individual to do whatever he/she wants to do, as long as no one else gets hurt.  Yet we hear Jesus tell us in this weekend’s Gospel (Mt 11:25-30), “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me…”  How does being yoked to Jesus give us even more freedom than we can imagine for ourselves???  Check out this Sunday’s readings at http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings/070520.cfm

1.  Have you ever wanted to go to the famous Steubenville East summer weekend?  STEUBENVILLE EAST (with Fr. Mike Schmitz) IS COMING TO ST MATTHEW!  Well, sort of.  July 17 & 18, we will host an in-person event with virtual attendance at Steubenville.  This is for all middle/high school, college students and their families.  Yes, parents, this is your one chance to find out what Steubenville is like!  Contact Shaun at [email protected] for deets.

2.  Join us as we celebrate the 2020 Graduates with a special Mass on the eve of Windham’s In-person Graduation—Thursday, July 23 at 6pm.  ALL ARE WELCOME - Graduates, please wear your cap and gown

3.  Are you able to give the gift of life to others?  Go to www.redcross.org to make an appointment for the Blood Drive on July 9th, sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.

4.  Would you like to receive Holy Communion but are uncomfortable attending Mass?  Simply come to the back parking lot during the 6:00 pm Sunday Mass and we will bring Holy Communion right to your car.  Eucharistic Ministers will come during Communion time, around approximately 6:45 pm.

5.  Are you homebound but would like to receive Holy Communion?  We are happy to give a pyx to your family member and show him/her how to reverently bring Jesus home to you.  Please call the office at 893-3336.

6.  Do you love sharing your faith with others?  Go to our website for information on a part-time position as Faith Formation Coordinator for K-5.

7.  Was your child baptized at St. Matthew?  Please send us a picture of your baby!  Look for the basket in the gathering space or mail it to the office at: 2 Searles Road, Windham, NH 03087.

Enjoy your holiday weekend and pause to give thanks to God for the freedom you enjoy.  And let us never take for granted the true freedom that Jesus offers us!

 “Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my heart like unto thine.”

Father Brian and your parish staff

Steubenville coming LIVE to St Matt's! (sort of)

Have you ever wanted to go to the famous Steubenville East summer weekend?  STEUBENVILLE EAST (with Fr. Mike Schmitz) IS COMING TO ST MATTHEW!   July 17 & 18, we will host an in-person event with virtual attendance at Steubenville.  This is for all middle/high school, college students and their families.  Yes, parents, this is your one chance to find out what Steubenville is like!  Contact Shaun at [email protected] for all the deets. Here are just a few:

Is the theme for the event!

We’ve all experienced our fair share of sufferings during these past few months. So much about our lives has changed, and it hasn’t been easy. But through it all, one thing hasn’t changed: Jesus Christ is still with us and he loves us beyond measure. It pains us that we can’t ​personally support you and the tens of thousands of people who normally come to encounter the life-changing love of Christ at the Steubenville Conferences across North America. Still, that’s not going to stop us from being there for you during these difficult times.

Experience hope alive at our very first virtual conference, Steubenville Live!  Enjoy a virtual event like no other (we know – you’re over Zoom classes):

  • Livestreamed from Steubenville Florida, no pre-recorded talks
  • Fully interactive
  • Powerful worship music
  • And, of course, Jesus will be there, the source of our hope!

Steubenville Live engages not only high schoolers but their families, too!

United with Christ and with each other we can restore hope to our world.