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Reception of Communion outside of the Mass begins this weekend.

Bishop Libasci has requested all faithful coming for the reception of Holy Communion wear a mask as you enter the church, remove it as you receive Eucharist in your hand, and then wear it as you exit the church. We appreciate your respect in this matter.

This opportunity to receive is for those who are healthy and will not risk the health of others by coming to church. Thank you.

Reception of Holy Communion on Weekends:

4-5 PM Saturday      8-9 AM Sunday       10-11 AM Sunday       12-1 PM Sunday       5-6 PM Sunday

Weekdays: 8 - 9 AM


Mass with Fr Brian

How has your faith life been impacted by the pandemic? 

On Sunday, May 24th, Pope Francis announced a year-long "special reflection" on his encyclical "Laudato Si'".  May 24th marked the fifth anniversary of the publication of the encyclical.  Pope Francis wishes to draw attention to the cry of the earth and of the poor.

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